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Home Sweet Home: Tile Floor or Wood Floor

Talking about home, it’s the warmest place for me. I’m sure you feel the same way as I do. Unfortunately, I’m a kind of a person who easily gets bored. I often rearrange my bedroom and redecorate it. Couple of months ago, I’ve done it twice in a month :D. I like wood floors, but my family wants tile floors. Confusing choice, isn’t it? I try my best to choose the best one for me and my family. Because of that two choices, I’ve tried to search some more information about wood floors and tile floors. Here I share what I’ve summarized.

Ceramic tile is preferable for bathrooms and mud rooms. It is also preferable for the kitchen. On the other hand, it is not such a smart idea to have wood in the kitchen because if there’s a leak it expands. Well, wood really can easily serve an entire house because it’s so classic. It can be stripped and re-finished too, while with tile you’re pretty much stuck with what you’ve got. Tile lasts longer than wood, but it is often cold to the feet especially in a cold climate. So, if you don’t like to touch cold floor, you can use wood for your kitchen. Your floor will be far warmer. No wonder, some people choose to have wood floor in their kitchen.

However, I’ve made up my mind, finally, to use tile because of the following reasons:
– Wood is ore likely to dent and scratch.
– Wood is easy to swell for example because of the climate.
– Wood fades easily from sunlight so I have to move my rugs around.

– Tile is durable.

– It is fairly easy to clean up spills on tile floors, it also looks much nicer than carpet.

My parents told me to consider putting in some kind of radiant heat system underneath the tile to make it less colder. A friend of mine did that too. They have heated tile floors in their bathroom and the floor is really warmer than the ordinary tile floor. They also told me to use Tile Flooring in Spring TX  just like what they did when they choose tile floor for their house.

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