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Buying Online in an Online Shop

Buying things online is a common things in Indonesia lately. Many online shops available 24 hours every day. The sellers are usually smart enough in promoting their goods, their stuff.

Buying online is the right choice for us who doesn’t have time in buying things in a “real” shop. It’s as simple as that.
I also have some experiences in buying things online. One of them was I lost my money. Yup, I was deceived. Fortunately, the others experiences are not so bad. I got the things I bought.

However, there is another inconvenience to buy things online. it’s the shipping charges. It is usually expensive. Some weeks ago, I wanted to buy a kind of modern cupboard. You know what, the shipping charges was almost as expensive as the cupboard!.

So, if you want to buy things online. I just can say: Think twice, if the shipping charges cost a lot of money.

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