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About purchasing a variable annuity

Lately, I’ve been thinking of purchasing a variable annuity. However, I still have no idea about it. So, I decided to find out more information about purchasing variable annuities on the web. As you know, it’s easy to find such information online. Now, I want to share it with you. If you also want to purchase a variable annuity, I hope you find this simple information useful to you.

Purchasing a variable annuity means that you make either a single or series of purchase payments, for these payments the insurer signs a contract with you to make periodic payments to you either beginning right away or at a future date. There is a variety of investment options for variable annuities. The values of the investments you choose vary depending on the performance of the investments. Usually the investment options for a variable annuity are mutual funds invested in stocks, bonds, money markets or a combination of all of these. One thing for sure, before purchasing a variable annuity we have to know exactly what a variable annuity is and what it will mean for us.

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